A classic

Yes, Dave G. and Martin G. are a few years older, but this is still one of the best pop song ever!

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Vinyls’ lovers, you gonna like this one!

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Are you spiritual?

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They are our family.

Help if you can. Be generous!


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This Changes Everything

Naomi Klein speaks to Grist about her new book.

And even books have trailers nowadays :-)


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Stop the TTIP (again)

Here’s the English version of the information video about the TTIP.

Wanna help stop the TTIP? Sign the petition here.

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Carless in Brussels

I sold my car about six months ago and don’t regret it at all. I mostly walk, cycle or use public transportation. When I need a car for a few hours I can always ask a friend or a family member. I was surprised of how horrible it feels to be trapped in a car once your used to move freely on a bike. The terrible trafic situation in Brussels doesn’t help!

Here’s what the French public television thinks about Brussels. It’s not nice!

Get on your bike and #UNFUCK THE PLANET

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