They are our family.

Help if you can. Be generous!


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This Changes Everything

Naomi Klein speaks to Grist about her new book.

And even books have trailers nowadays :-)


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Stop the TTIP (again)

Here’s the English version of the information video about the TTIP.

Wanna help stop the TTIP? Sign the petition here.

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Carless in Brussels

I sold my car about six months ago and don’t regret it at all. I mostly walk, cycle or use public transportation. When I need a car for a few hours I can always ask a friend or a family member. I was surprised of how horrible it feels to be trapped in a car once your used to move freely on a bike. The terrible trafic situation in Brussels doesn’t help!

Here’s what the French public television thinks about Brussels. It’s not nice!

Get on your bike and #UNFUCK THE PLANET

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Our Love

Thom Yorke’s favorite Caribou has a brand new video for the title track of his latest album.

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Cultivate abundance

There is enough. Enough sunlight, wind, and water to nourish us and power our tools, enough roofs for everyone to sleep under one, enough work for everyone to have a livelihood, enough knowledge to keep teaching and learning forever. We start to believe there is not enough when we feel we need to own what could be shared, when we assign market value disconnected from use value, when those in power amass vast fortunes through stealing, hiding, and holding out of reach. A society that cultivates abundance does not treat human needs as something to be bought and sold, resists a culture that uses the perception of scarcity to obscure problems of distribution and discourage generosity, restores sovereignty, and operates on principles of solidarity and mutual aid.

Via This Changes Everything / Beautiful Solutions.

There is hope to #UNFUCKTHEPLANET but each and everyone of us has to do his/her part.

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Turning CD and DVD is out in November.

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