Edward Scissorhands

20 years.

Every pure hearted’s favorite movie is twenty years old!

A blog was created to celebrate the event and artists were requested to send works inspired by the movie.

The best are now exhibited at the Gallery Nucleus in California.

Head to My Modern Met for more pix.

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3 Responses to Edward Scissorhands

  1. céc' says:

    Elles sont belles ces images … que de bons souvenirs ce film! Elle est devenue quoi, Winona?

  2. francoish says:

    Elle a été longtemps blacklistée suite à une histoire de vol à l’étalage dans une boutique de luxe il y a dix ans. On l’a revue récemment dans Black Swan où elle joue la danseuse étoile que Natalie P. vient remplacer.

  3. francoish says:

    “It was recently announced that she will be reunited with Tim Burton for a role in his upcoming animated 3D feature film Frankenweenie. It is scheduled for a March 9, 2012 release date.”
    Page Winona Ryder sur Wikipedia.

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