365 Grateful

As I was seeing myself turning too often into an old grumpy guy always complaining about something wrong in the world, I decided to start a 365 Grateful in 2012 (it’s actually a 366 Grateful this year) and publish everyday of the year on Instagram and Flickr a picture of something I’m grateful for or rejoice about.

Today, it's the wind in the trees. #366grateful #nature #wind #rejoice #gratefulJan 3rd, the wind in the trees.

Day 6 (the real one): Today I'm grateful for the local and independent organic store and I rejoice in it's presence in this part of the city. #366grateful #365grateful #rejoice #schaerbeek #helmet #organic

Jan. 6th, my local and independant organic/bio store.

You can see the pix on Flickr here or, if you have a smart phone,  follow me (francoishh) on Instagram where I post other pix too.

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One Response to 365 Grateful

  1. micki says:

    I enjoyed looking through your pix. I’m doing something similar – a quick daily note that marks the ‘best of my day’. Did you see the one I made your mom? I am rather enjoying it.

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