Red Night

Last night, The Hundred In The Hands tweeted about their forthcoming second album Red Night.

“Last spring we pulled ourselves off the road and into our New York studio to start writing and recording a second album. Part of why we wanted to make the record on our own was to do things that are often hard to get into in a studio setting when you’re working with people who actually know what they’re doing. Through technical hiccups, and boyfriend/girlfriend shit, happy accidents and the triumph of our delusions, off in our own world we built up this thing together, piece-by-piece.

Maybe it’s just our own sentimentality toward it but we feel like you can hear what we went through in there; the good and the bad. The grime and grit of the textures, it’s like all the crap you deal with day to day, in big and small ways, the deep tunnels of dirt and filth that run beneath, taking that trash and turning into something that can transcend itself, rise higher and maybe become beautiful. We feel really emotionally connected to the sounds and words on this album. It properly feels like the world we’ve been in for several months. Now, we can’t wait to let it go, for you to hear it and us to get back on tour. It’s been too long and we’ve really missed you.

The band also posted a Red Night preview video on You Tube:

In addition they also announced some live dates in Europe and by some coincidence, if there is anything like coincidence, they’ll be playing in Berlin at the end of May on a date I have to be in the German capital for a fundraising meeting. And to top it all, Austra happen to be on the bill too!

As you know me, I took me less than fifteen minutes to buy tickets for the show and modify my flight booking to arrive in time in Berlin 😛

Not familiar with THITH’s music, try this one, it’s a killer of a song!

Red Night will be released on June 11th on Warp.

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