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Nun’s last note celebrates Dalai Lama’s return

A Tibetan 17 years old nun who died of protest self-immolation on 25 November had left a note, carefully put in an envelope, along with a photograph on which was scribbled this line: “For the benefit of the people of … Continue reading

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Another video for Sigur Ros’ Varúð this time directed by Björn Flóki.

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Roadtrip USA

2 Weeks 3,000 Miles 5,000 Photos in 3 Minutes.

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As Buddha said in his first teaching, the root of all our suffering in samsara is ignorance. Ignorance, until we free ourselves from it, can seem endless, and even when we have embarked on the spiritual path our search is … Continue reading

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Silver & Gold

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Taking life seriously does not mean spending our whole lives meditating as if we were living in the Himalaya Mountains or in the old days in Tibet. In the modern world, we have to work to earn our living, but … Continue reading

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