Apple Rant #1

This is the video that opened the Apple event last Monday.

In China the average salary for employee in the private sectors is 400$/month, that is half the price of an iPhone. (People in rural areas probably make much less.)

The coal produced power needed to manufacture all our electronics is causing so much air pollution that in some places parents don’t take their kids out every second day in order to protect their health. The air pollution in Hangzou where the shop opened is almost twice the national standard.

Chinese citizens don’t enjoy basic civil rights. Twitter, Facebook can’t be accessed and Google searches return “Chinese politically correct” links. 

People can’t vote and can’t freely express themselves but the fact that a few can afford buying gadgets with an Apple logo should make the world wonderful?

So yes, this video appears to me as being at least ironic if not shockingly indecent!


PS: By the way FREE TIBET!

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