Austra is back!

Our New Record “Future Politics” is coming out January 20th !!

All of our politicians are totally incapable of dealing with the impending apocalypse. And so, they must be replaced. In fact, the whole system must be replaced, and it is your job to imagine a new one!

The Utopia video is set in a not too far off dystopian future. A woman lives in a bland condo village and her only social interaction is with a machine built by the largest corporation in the world: rainforest. Its a sad prediction of where we are headed, but also a reminder that we have to keep believing in the alternatives!

The record was mixed (alice wilder), mastered (heba kadry), and produced (katie and maya) by all women.

The video was directed by that go.

New album Future Politics out on January 20th 2017.

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