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Ethiopia as the new Bangladesh?

Let’s think about this next time we want to purchase cheap clothes at H&M. Everything has a price, and if we are not paying, somewhere in the world a poor and most probably women worker is “paying” for us. Advertisements

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We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow

Soko meets Blue Valentine another great mix by I’m cyborg but that’s ok. Visit is YouTube channel here. Because soon enough we’ll die…

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(Hopefully) Coming to a cinema near you this fall

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Sorele Amore

Actually, I have more than one favourite vlogger Check her YouTube channel here.

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Why We Sleep

Two parts interview of Matthew Walker on the Feel Better, Live More podcast. It is essential that you listen to it here or as a podcast on your fruit or non-fruit based device. If you are not actively prioritising sleep, … Continue reading

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Boy Erased

The film trailer features Revelation a new son by (Sigur Ros) Jonsi and Troye Sivan.

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New Cat Power album coming this fall.

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